Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Keep the holiday spirit going all season long by having a few simple ingredients on hand for any drop in guests. No drop in guests, but can’t wait to have a nibble yourself? Declare it game night and break out the snacks to share with the family for a night to remember.

Olives ~ Keep a jar on hand for dressing up cocktails or to munch on while chatting. A jar with a variety of pitted olives in an herb marinade can be quickly tossed with a small jar of drained roasted peppers and drained chopped artichokes for an impromptu salad.

Fresh, sliced vegetables ~ Not only will you eat more vegetables when they are already cleaned and sliced, prepared vegetables are great for dipping in hummus, softened cream cheese mixed with herbs or nut butters.

Nuts and dried fruits ~ Nuts and dried fruits are easy to keep on hand and serve as is. Dried apricots, dates, or cranberries are a wonderful sweet counterpoint to savory dips, cheeses, nuts or olives.

Dips ~ Most dips keep well, so have a couple on hand to pull out as a snack or appetizer. Hummus, guacamole and salsa are all guest favorites. Pair with sliced vegetables and your favorite Way Better Snacks chip.

Cheese – Simply sliced or cut into chunks, cheeses are a simple go-to snack. For a soft spreadable cheese that pairs beautifully with our Way Better Snacks Simply Unbeatable Blues Tortilla Chips, keep a log of chèvre on hand. Dressed up with a few herbs and spices, goat cheese makes an impressive appetizer in just a couple of minutes.


Goat Cheese with Herbs and Cracked Pepper


12 ounce log chèvre goat cheese

3 tablespoons mixed peppercorns

3 to 4 tablespoons finely minced fresh herbs of choice or mixed dried herb blend, such as Italian, Mediterranean or Herbs de Provence

5.5 ounce bag Way Better Snacks Simply Unbeatable Blues Tortilla Chips


Slice chèvre log in half creating 2 smaller logs. Set aside.

Crush peppercorns by pulsing in blender or food processor until cracked and still coarse ground. Do not pulverize. Lay out a sheet of parchment or plastic wrap. Pour cracked peppercorns onto parchment and spread into a smooth layer. Roll one piece of the chèvre in the peppercorns, covering the outside edges completely. Set on serving plate.

On another piece of parchment or plastic wrap, place herbs, patting into a smooth layer. Roll the second piece of chèvre in herbs coating the outside edge. Set on serving plate.

Serve flavored goat cheese with Way Better Snacks Simply Unbeatable Blues Tortilla Chips.

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