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    From Sweet Chili to Sweet Potato to seasonal faves, we do what we do so that you can eat way more delicious, way better snacks. Find your new fave flavor here!

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    Sprouting unlocks all the goodness inside our snacks. Find out more about the super awesome process of sprouting and why we only sprout the highest quality seeds, beans, and grains!

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    Want to take your snacking game to the next level? Check out our Way Better recipes! From gametime to go-time, our recipes will have you impressing friends and family with simple recipes.

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Hi. We’re Way Better Snacks.

We craft our craveably delicious chips with all-natural, premium ingredients, because we never settle for anything but the best. Bursting with sprouted seeds, beans, and grains, we’ve unlocked all the goodness inside your favorite snack with a way better crunch. We believe that you’re only as good as what you’re made of. So, grab a snack (or five). It’s time to make your day way better.


Sprouted Tortilla Chips

What’s better than a perfectly crisp and craveably delicious tortilla chip? How about one packed with sprouted flax seed, chia, and quinoa. Top it with a sprinkle of sweet chili deliciousness or organic cheddar cheesiness, and we’re talking a way better chip!


Non-GMO Project Verified

We are so proud of our high quality ingredients that we go to extra lengths to make sure that all of our products are verified by the Non-GMO Project’s strict standards. We always use Non-GMO project verified corn, seeds, and grains in all of our snacks!

mustard crackers

Sprouted Barley Crackers

We don’t just stop at tortilla chips. We sprout the highest quality barley and mix it up with sprouted flax seeds for our line of sprouted barley crackers. With four flavors packed with deliciousness, you’ll be asking: will you rosemarry me?

Sprouting... say whaaat?

Our great taste comes from what’s inside. Not just what gets sprinkled on top. Sprouting isn’t easy, but it plays a vital role in developing Way Better Snacks’ great flavor, texture, and color. Each snack shows our holistic approach to taste—you can actually see our deliciousness!

Here, there and everywhere.

Want to find our delicious snacks in your kitchen pantry? Look no further! Our chips and crackers are available at retailers nationwide. Want to pick and choose your dream case of chips? You’re in luck: you can order online directly from us, too. Happy snacking.