About Us

I had a vision to create better food: delicious snacks I could feel good about eating and feeding to my friends and family.

Begin with better, end with way better:

I knew that beginning with the highest quality ingredients meant we’d end up with better snacks. Our beans, grains and seeds are expertly sourced for texture, color, and most importantly: way better flavor. The quality comes through each and every snack. You can actually see the deliciousness! 

But starting with the highest quality ingredients isn’t the only secret to our snacks; it’s what we do with those excellent ingredients that matters most. Our remarkable sprouting process isn’t easy, but it’s the secret to our amazing snacks. Sprouting makes powerhouse ingredients like quinoa, black beans, and chia seeds even better by unlocking all the awesomeness inside for your body to use.

That is how Way Better Snacks was born.  We always use the highest quality ingredients to craft our delicious snacks. We always make sure our products are made with all natural non-GMO ingredients, and we never add anything artificial whatsoever.  We sprout these great seeds, beans and grains to make them even better.

That’s why Way Better Snacks are made better. They’re crafted to be addictively delicious and better for you. But, don’t take my word for it. Pop open a bag and enjoy a snack… or 5! Let’s eat!

– Jim Breen, Founder and CEO of Way Better Snacks