Want to throw your friends a way better party? Start with a way better spread of food. From our sprouted chips and crackers to your fave meats and cheeses, we’re helping you build the perfect platter of deliciousness.

Bring a pop of color to your next party platter gathering

A simple charcuterie board scrumptiously offers something for everyone – from vegetarians to carnivores, guests with special dietary considerations and everyone in between. And best of all? Each and every Way Better tortilla chip flavor holds its own among the delicious offerings!

Dazzle your guests with this deliciously way better assortment of snacking goodness.


Way Better Charcuterie Platter

  • prep: 20 minutes
  • servings: 4-6


3-5 cheeses (2 oz. per person). Choose cheese of varying hardness and flavor, for example:

-hard white cheddar

-soft cheese (brie or cambazola)

-smoked cheese (smoked gouda, or smoked yellow cheddar)

-medium texture/flavor: fontina

-goat cheese (chevre)

3-5 cured meats:






1 cup mixed olives

2-3 nuts:

 -toasted pecans

-salted almonds


½ cup fruit jam (fig, raspberry, etc.)

½ cup stone ground mustard

3 fruits, fresh or dried:


-dried apricots

-sliced apples

-sliced fresh figs


-pickled vegetables

Way Better Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips in a variety of flavors


-sweet potato

-black bean


Gather all of your ingredients, and slice some of the cheeses into individual slices.

Arrange the board by first placing the cheeses, then adding meats, fruits, nuts, toppings, and pickled vegetables around the cheese as you see fit.

Serve with plenty of Way Better Snacks corn tortilla chips.

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