National Nacho Day is destined to be way better. Our Way Better Snacks sprouted tortilla chips are the ideal foundation for all of the toppings you love. The best part about nachos is that they unlock creativity in the kitchen and can easily empty out the produce drawer in your fridge. There are few ingredients you can’t put on nachos. I mean, we would fully support dessert nachos with our newest seasonals. No one ever said you can’t put ice cream on nachos.

Thai Touchdown Nachos These football faves will make your party way better, even if the home team is down three possessions. Notched up with a spicy kick, you’ll start rooting for the punter with zeal. Thai touchdown nachos for the win! These nachos with a kick build a tasty base from Simply Spicy Sriracha chips.

Sweet Potato Nachos Are you ready to double down on tubers? We’re not scared to top our Sweeet Potato chips with more sweet potato goodness. A hearty bean addition amps up the awesome. These sweet potato nachos are doubling down on deliciousness. A quick weeknight dinner or party pleasing platter!

Oakland Nachos Or you could take a queue from Scream Queens and just drizzle your nachos with chocolate syrup. No, seriously. It’s actually delicious.

Sweet chili chips + chocolate drizzle = surprisingly delicious. For reals.

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