Dips and Delights: Cauliflower Tater Tots

There’s no “tater” in these tots. But, you sure won’t miss it! Riced cauliflower is coated in Way Better Snacks for a kick of spice and fun for the whole family this holiday season. Anjali from Vegetarian Gastronomy has a new take on our latest fave veggie. Baked to perfection, these crispy cauliflower bites are […]

Two Way Better Ways to Shake Up Cauliflower

We. Love. Cauliflower. If you are new to the collective group hug around this delicious cruciferous veggie – welcome! Not only is cauliflower good for you, it’s incredibly versatile. Pureed for sassy sauces and soups? Check. Broken into tiny pieces as a tasty, fiber-rich substitute for rice? Check. Mashed up and mixed in to take […]

Dips and Delights: Brown Butter Cauliflower Dip

Brown butter is pretty magical. It’s the secret ingredient that people might not be able to pinpoint but will absolutely notice. It’s rich and nutty and adds a depth of flavor to any dip for any occasion. But, pair it with the kick of chili peppers and the creaminess of roasted cauliflower? That subtle magic has […]