Shake Up Your Salsa

It seems there is a holiday to celebrate just about every food. From National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day to Pickled Peppers Month, you can find a day on the calendar devoted to your favorite foods. And when it comes to salsa, we’ll grab any reason we can (like National Salsa Month) to dip! From savory to […]

Spice Things Up with these South of the Border Flavors

Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or just need to wake up your taste buds, flavors like cool cilantro, tangy lime, toasty cumin and spicy jalapeño bring the party every time. Nacho-Average Nachos There are nachos and then there are nachos – the kind you photograph for Instagram and text your BFF about. These Fancy […]

Hop to it! Here’s how to make it a Way Better Easter

Easter is the perfect occasion for spring gatherings. Everyone is looking for a reason to shake off winter’s grey, put on their fancy Easter bonnets and indulge in some bunny-shaped chocolates. Whether you’re a host or a guest, you can make it a way better Easter with just a few simple, thoughtful additions to the […]

Four Way Better Recipes for a Very Green St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish in spirit. Not only do we embrace the wearin’ o’ the green, we heartily recommend eating green too! We’re all about way better snacking, so when it comes to green, we’re big fans of dipping and dunking. Ricotta Green Bean Dip This bright and creamy Ricotta Green Bean […]

Two Way Better Ways to Shake Up Cauliflower

We. Love. Cauliflower. If you are new to the collective group hug around this delicious cruciferous veggie – welcome! Not only is cauliflower good for you, it’s incredibly versatile. Pureed for sassy sauces and soups? Check. Broken into tiny pieces as a tasty, fiber-rich substitute for rice? Check. Mashed up and mixed in to take […]

Top 5 Nacho Recipes

We know who’s heading to the superbowl. The winter chill is in full-effect. But, days are getting longer! Spring is on the horizon! And, there are plenty of nachos to eat. From classic favorites to fusion twists, we have a roundup of the Top 5 (Way Better) Nachos that will make fans from coast-to-coast happy while they […]

Black Bean and Cheddar Dip

This can be a spooky time of year—the days seem shorter and darker, the holidays are closing in and your calendar is filled with get-togethers. Bring on the black bean and cheddar dip! It’s way better for everyone from hungry trick-or-treaters to those tired of turkey leftovers. Dip shouldn’t be complicated! So simply sauté your […]

Buffalo Chicken Dip

You know the flavors—spicy fire tamed by tangy creaminess. It’s classic Buffalo Chicken, but with a way better crunchy twist! Before you gather around the TV to watch your team crush the competition, toss together this simple dip that will add zing, no matter what the final score is. Soften the onion and garlic before […]

Apple Chutney Dip

It’s fall and that means sweater weather, crisp nights under the stars and day trips to the apple orchard. Thankfully, we have a way better idea for what you can do with all those autumn apples! This dip has it all—sweet, savory, creamy, salty and crunchy. And it’s impossibly easy to make, too! Set your […]

Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Looking for a way to keep the flavors of summer alive and use this year’s remaining amazing tomato harvest? Look no further than these comforting baked stuffed tomatoes. Be sure to scoop out the inside of your tomatoes to make maximum room for stuffing goodness and prevent sogginess. Then let your food processor or blender […]

Fancy Flank Steak Nachos

There are nachos and then there are *nachos* — and these definitely fall into the latter category. Whether you’re tailgating or catching the game in the comfort of your living room, amp it up with zingy fresh veggies, a multitude of melty cheese, and juicy steak for some fancy flank steak nachos. Sweet Chili Chips are the […]