Our Better Stuff

Before we start, I offer the following disclaimer: My tastes tend to run sweet rather than salty. What, then, am I doing here at Way Better Snacks?
In a word: Kids. My kids specifically, though most fall into this category. They beg for chips. Especially now that they’re school-age and spend time with friends, my daughters ask me to buy chips. So I cave, of course, and have brought the occasional bag into the house. And guess what? Turns out I like me some chips after all. Still, most brands seem nutritional wastelands, so I don’t bring them home all that often.
Fortunately, I have friends who are less chip-averse than I, and one such friend brought a bag of Way Better Black Bean chips to a recent beach outing. The food nerd in me studied the bag closely and was impressed; these tortilla chips looked healthy. My girls, more interested in chips than packaging, happily munched away. So I tried one. Then another. And another etc. They were tasty and according to the bag (and product name), they were good for you.
I’ve since hunted Way Better down at local markets and am glad to have them in my snack repertoire. Certain meals and occasions scream chips (Labor Day picnic anyone?) and Way Better offers more than empty calories. The obvious is to serve alongside a sandwich for additional whole grains. But you could also sprinkle broken chips over soup or salad for “croutons.” A variety of varieties means you can mix-and-match different flavor combinations. Sweet Chili crumbled over a chilled bowl of gazpacho? Yes, please!
Going out on a bit of a culinary limb, I’ll also suggest a pairing that piggybacks on America’s love of all things salty sweet. Why not enjoy a scoop of ice cream (or frozen yogurt or dairy-free alternative) with crushed tortilla chips sprinkled over? Or stirred in just before serving? (My vote would be for the Blue Corn, but you might choose differently.)
Enjoying Way Better as snack, side, garnish, or even an out-of-the-box dessert are all smart culinary moves, but they also bring whole grains—and a host of other nutrients—to those kids clamoring for chips. Knowing that September is National Whole Grains Month, go ahead and stock up on a favorite flavor or two.

Liz Gunderson
deLizious Food Communications