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Simplify Your Life.

Now that most of us are getting into the swing of things with back-to-school, you might find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts, trying to find that delicate balance. I like to think of myself as a patient person, but lately, I’m feeling a bit like FrankenMommy when it comes to being a career mom. So, in honor of this busy season of life, I have decided to share some ways that we can all (even if you’re not a parent) make adjustments in life to keep things running smoothly. It is possible to do it all…without sacrificing your sanity!

For me, the three main areas where I feel the most stressed are a) keeping my home organized, b) finding time to exercise, and c) making healthy meals on a time crunch. So let’s start with these.

Home -
There’s a saying: “Pick and choose your battles wisely.” Try prioritizing which chores need to be done and let go of the ones that can wait. While it may still bother you that things aren’t perfect, try to accept that nothing is. Another great idea is to have one day of the week when you say “no” to cleaning (well, besides the basics). You might even find that you have more quality time to do the things you love with the people that matter the most!

Exercise -
Think about considering the time of day that you exercise. Try using your lunch break and have a workout buddy. Maybe commute to work on your bike. Here’s a tough one for me: get up earlier to have time in the morning. A fun way to have time exercising and have family time could be to have your children workout with you. They can ride their bikes while you run!

Eating healthfully -
Prep your meals beforehand. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but there are ways to make it fun…and your meals will be better. Our family started having what we lovingly call Sunday Funday Family Night, whereby we delegate jobs to the kids to help with meal prepping. Then, as a family, we listen to music and make food together. It has become the one thing I look forward to most throughout the week! It allows us to put time and thought into what we’re eating, and therefore our choices are better…whole grains, sprouted ingredients when possible, and just overall better for us. Not to mention, our family is spending great time together. Give it a try!

I hope some of these tips have been helpful for you! Feel free to share any ideas that you have for others; we would love to hear them!