Our Better Stuff

It occurred to me at the ripe old age of 28 that I needed to “get my life together.” Not yet finished with college, a six-month old baby to make our family a trio, and a level of health that left a lot to be desired, I realized there needed to be some change.  Now, I sit here typing away, 11 years later, discovering a purpose to the things that I do every day and wanting to share those experiences with others (like you)!  Who knows—this may even motivate you to take action in your own life.

I would like to graciously welcome you to our weekly blog, here at Way Better Snacks.  This will become a place for building relationships, fostering a health-conscious community, and offering snippets of my life as a personal testimony to show how the decisions we make affect the world around us.  I’m going to talk about everything from sprouting, to gluten-free, to non-GMO, to yoga, to kids, to work-life balance…and everything in between.

As a devoted career mom of three, I am constantly trying to strike a balance between three things:  being a great mother to my children, growing my strengths within my career, and finding the time and effort to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into every day.  Someone once asked me, “Why do you try so hard?”  This is a question that got me wondering, why do I make such a fuss over these things?  The answer was simple.

I want to be the best version of me that I can be.  I want to be healthy and vivacious so that others want to be around me.  But more importantly, I want to help make a difference and create positive change in the lives of those I care about.  It’s that easy.  Once the answer became clear, I set out to find a path in life where I could mesh my responsibilities with my passions.  This has led me here.

Why blog for Way Better Snacks, you might ask?  Anyone who has children can tell you that parents are constantly trying to get their kiddos to make healthy choices when it comes to snacking, not to mention eating healthy meals.  Way Better Snacks has foundational values that resonate with me. It is a brand that has a passion for building a healthier lifestyle and takes a simple approach of using healthy ingredients to create a great-tasting snack.  Oh, and by the way, Way Better Snacks just moved to one of the coolest cities in the US…Minneapolis!!  If you haven’t had the chance, go check out the new office; it’s amazing!

So, here we are.  I look forward to being a part of inspiring others, and along the way, sharing my opinions on the topics that matter to this wonderful community of health-conscious individuals.  This will become a public space for all to share.  With that, I bid you adieu!  Next week, I’ll be offering up some great tips on how to make the most of what’s left in the summer…before getting ready for back-to-school.