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Happy Halloween – Without GMO’s!

For those of us with children who are highly sensitive to foods, Halloween can be a scary time! All that candy and junk food at parties and trick or treat events are loaded with allergens, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, dyes and worst of all, GMOs. This time of year has our families scrambling for healthy solutions and creative ideas to “trick” our kids into avoiding the junk without denying them the treat.

If you can survive this month where candy, sweets and junk food seem to appear everywhere and avoid feeding your family GMOs, you can make it through any time of year. Perhaps that’s why October is Non-GMO Month.

How can you help your child avoid GMOs this October? One of the most important things to do is create a strategy before your kids are tempted by harmful treats. Raise awareness by informing your friends, neighbors and school about the dangers of GMOs and what foods they are found in. Work to find alternative snacks that your children can be happy about and even share with their friends. Put on your baker’s cap and start crafting your own candies, marshmallows and safely sweetened treats that are GMO-free for your kids to eat. When you can’t avoid them getting GMO treats, teach your kids to make better choices by trading the junk food they do get for an even tastier healthy snack.

For salty treats, that’s easy: give your kids non-GMO Way Better Snacks. I’m lucky – my kids love chips and hot salsa. If I offer them the choice between a bowl full of Way Better Multi-Grain Tortilla chips with fresh salsa or a chocolate bar, they will take the chips every time. Since our family is also gluten, dairy and corn free, Way Better Snacks are one of the few chip products we can enjoy. Personally, I can’t imagine anything I’d like to snack on better during our 100th viewing of “Frankenweenie” than a bag of Sweet Chili Chips.

There’s one easy trick to feeding your kids non-GMO snacks this Halloween: simply open up their favorite bag of Way Better Snacks.