Our Better Stuff

Many of you may remember the fun chia pets with the catchy jingle that were popular in the 1980s. You could buy all kinds of animal shapes, smear on the seed packets, water regularly and watch them grow! Now those nostalgic novelty gifts tend to resurface around the holidays.

Who knew those same little seeds would be such a strong up-and-comer on the nutritional front! You can now find chia seeds in the bulk section of natural food stores, added to beverages like Mamma Chia, and in our very own Way Better Snack chips!

So, why are chia seeds getting so much press these days?

Well, we think it’s warranted…these little tiny seeds, which are smaller than a sesame seed, are jam-packed with Omega-3s, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and are a good source of calcium.

The plant that chia seeds come from, Salvia hispanica, are actually part of the mint family and thrives in environments like southern Mexico. Their nutritional/medicinal use dates back to Mayan and Aztec times. Dr. Andrew Weil has an interesting synopsis of the benefits of the chia seed.

We anticipate that chia seeds will get even more notoriety as more is discovered about the health benefits related to the special little seeds – so keep an eye out for them over the next several months.