Customer Service Manager

The Logistics & Customer Service Manager is to provide sales order fulfillment, support and communication with Brokers, Distributors and Customers. The CSM will work closely with the WBS Regional Business Manger to ensure the needs of our customers are meet on a daily basis.


Sales Order Fulfillment

  • Entry of Customer orders received daily either by email or EDI to co-packers for domestic and international
  • Verification of correct and consistent pricing shown on customer Purchase Order
  • Verify correct promotional discounts by reviewing Trade Promotion planners
  • Receipt, review, entry, and acknowledgement of customer purchase orders into Quick Books system
  • Entry and co-ordination of customer requested order changes.
  • Liaison with the broker, RSM and customer on shortages, date changes and quantity delivery issues.
  • Place all PO’s with co-packers (chips & Crackers)


  • Review inventory and coordinate with co-packer inventory to schedule on time delivery activities and pickups in multiple locations geographic locations – Chicago, Hartford, San Bernardino
  • Schedule with freight brokers delivered product and advise customer of scheduled delivery date
  • Tracking, reporting and management of on time delivery to the customer.
  • Provide shipment notice to customer.
  • Co-ordinate all international paperwork with co-packer for international or

Sales Returns

  • Receive and register goods returned by a customer.

Sales Reporting

  • Prepare daily sales activity reports

Inventory Tracking

  • Track and update reports as orders are processed on all inventory for chips and crackers with DC and co-packers
  • Update inventory spread sheet for all branded and 7-11 inventory for review at weekly forecast meetings
  • Schedules carriers between cracker and chip co-packer for deliver to DC’s

Customer Support

  • Manages relationship with our EDI partners
  • Establish and maintain customer communications for the effective resolution of issues with all  brokers and direct customers both international and domestic
  • Co-ordinate sales introduction of new products to the distribution network.
  • Assist in sending samples to new customers as required on daily or weekly basis

Manages in office part time shipping position

  • Manages the duties of the individual to ensure all samples and website orders are shipped on time
  • In house inventory is keep in stock and with good code dates
  • Office sample room is fresh and stocked

Manage – Customer Service/ Supply Chain Intern

  • Train and guide individual as back up to all order and invoicing process via email, EDI or Fax
  • Provide specific responsibilities for International and e:commerce customers
  • Train on developing reports to track distributor orders and pick up schedules
  • Help manage inventory at 3rd. party DC has needed.

Performance Measurement

The Customer Service group will monitor its performance based upon the following performance metrics. Individual CSRs daily activities will contribute to the performance of the WBS Customer Service team.

  • Order Fill Rate
  • Inventory Aging
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Invoice Accuracy
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Sales Forecast Accuracy



  • High school diploma or Junior college  degree in operations, marketing, or business management a plus
  • 2-3 years in the field of CPG customer service understanding both direct and distributor based order processes across all business channels ( Food, Natural, Mass, Drug, Club, Internet)
  • Natural Product experience significant asset but not critical.



  • Have excellent working knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning systems including warehousing, sales, and distribution
  • Trained in software applications including Word and Excel and Quick Books. Ability to analyze sales and inventory data and prepare written reports of customer service activities.
  • Knowledge and ability to work with EDI – ordering system
  • Proven ability to work independently and as a member of the customer service team to plan and prioritize daily sales activities and adapt to changing customer demands and schedules.
  • Understanding of processing orders through vendor websites
  • Processing of International orders including all necessary documentation and shipping requirements
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to maintain effective, timely, and courteous contact with customers and other employees of the WBS team
  • Ability to work cross functionally as the business environment dictates with helping in clearing of deductions, mailing samples, or day-to-day miscellaneous tasks.



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