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Happy Healthy Halloween

10/1/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Happy Halloween – Without GMO’s! For those of us with children who are highly sensitive to foods, Halloween can be a scary time! All that candy and junk food at parties and trick or treat events are loaded with allergens, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, dyes and worst of all,…

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Child Health Day

09/20/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Did you know that the first Monday in October is Child Health Day? This amazingly important topic has prompted me to write this blog with the hope of increasing awareness of healthy eating habits and exercise for children. The state of health for children in our culture simply needs to…

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Autumn Harmony

09/13/13 / in Recipes | No Comments

It was a couple of days ago that I noticed the leaves are starting to fall. This time of year is my favorite, because the weather is perfect for running, the colors outside are fantastic for snapping pictures of my kids, and I get to pull out all my comfy…

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09/6/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

WHOLE GRAINS FOR LIFE It’s easy to forget that September is Whole Grains month when there’s so much going on with back to school. But healthy lunch ideas for my children have been on my mind a lot, so I thought it only suiting to write about Whole Grains month.…

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Way Better Snacks and Labor Day

08/30/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Before we start, I offer the following disclaimer: My tastes tend to run sweet rather than salty. What, then, am I doing here at Way Better Snacks? In a word: Kids. My kids specifically, though most fall into this category. They beg for chips. Especially now that they’re school-age and…

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Simplify Your Life

08/26/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Simplify Your Life. Now that most of us are getting into the swing of things with back-to-school, you might find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts, trying to find that delicate balance. I like to think of myself as a patient person, but lately, I’m feeling a bit like…

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Keeping Your Cool With Back To School

08/16/13 / in Buzz | One Comment

If you aren’t already engrossed in the trenches of back-to-school, you will be soon enough. And every parent can tell you that it’s not exactly a picnic, trying to find the time to pack good, healthy lunches that their kids will actually eat. I mean, what parent hasn’t felt that…

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Last Moments of Summer

08/9/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

It’s that time of the year when families start scrambling to get ready. Kids need to be signed up for sports, supplies need to be purchased, and you can’t forget to sign up for the carpool schedule. Yes, I’m talking about back-to-school. If you’re anything like me, as the school…

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I Blog for a Better Way

08/2/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

It occurred to me at the ripe old age of 28 that I needed to “get my life together.” Not yet finished with college, a six-month old baby to make our family a trio, and a level of health that left a lot to be desired, I realized there needed…

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