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07/5/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Shape Magazine’s weight loss coach pegs Way Better Snacks Simply Beyond Black Bean tortilla chips as one of her 10 favorite snacks from the Summer Fancy Food Show, telling more than 800,000 online readers it’s a great way to “satisfy [salty chip] cravings in a nutritious way.” Check out the…

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St. Paul Pioneer Press

07/4/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

A St. Paul Pioneer Press taste test reveals to 800,000 readers that Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili and Simply Beyond Black Bean tortilla chips are “unexpectedly tasty” road trip snacks. Read the review…

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06/27/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Health Magazine reveals its 2013 Must-Eat List to 1.4 million subscribers, with Way Better Snacks Simply Beyond Black Bean tortilla chips earning a place on the list! Click here to see the…

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Pioneer Press

06/26/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

“Minneapolis is very progressive when it comes to food,” the Pioneer Press reminds its nearly 780,000 readers as it welcomes Way Better Snacks to its new home. Click here to see…

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06/26/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Are sprouted grains really healthier for you? Definitely, First Magazine explains to its 1.2 million readers – and Way Better Snacks is a product to look for! See the article…

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Star Tribune

06/23/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

The “fast-growing” Way Better Snacks company is relocating to Minneapolis, MN, and is a headliner in the “commercial renaissance” of its new neighborhood, the Star Tribune tells more than half a million Minnesotans. See it…

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Tribune Newspapers

06/16/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

Way Better Snacks Simply Beyond Black Bean tortilla chips gets a nod for its “beans, flax and quinoa fiber powerhouses” in a round-up of healthy snack options, which appeared in several Tribune newspapers read by more than 350,000 people across the country. See the full article…

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Way Better Snacks – Chip Bag Episode 3

06/15/13 / in Videos | No Comments

Hello, Way Better Snacks friends! We’d like to share something with you — part three of a series of videos that features a typical greasy chip known to most as “Chip Bag.” We were told that when Way Better Snacks Simply Sprouted Tortilla Chips came to town, “Chip Bag” was…

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Huffington Post

05/28/13 / in Buzz | No Comments

The Huffington Post shares how to find delicious, healthy and GMO free-food for the family – including “a great brand [they] are loving these days: Way Better Snacks.” Check it out…

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